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Our Academics

Homework will be assigned through out the week.  All homework assignments will coincide with the concepts that would have already been taught in the classroom.  Homework is just a tool to keep our minds sharp on the academic concepts they are learning for the future.

In Reading, we will explore Fiction and Non-Fiction.


We will become exciting writers using our knowledge of Grammar, and a creative mind. 


In Math, we will open our minds to Numbers, Fractions, Geometry, and Algebra.  We will become Problem Solvers in Math, Life and everyday living through the word of God.


In Science, we are going to explore the wonderful world that God has given us and how to take care of it better.

Physical Education

In PE, we will strive to make nutritional choices to get us a healthy balance of everyday living.  We will learn how our bodies were created by Almighty God and it's functions.  We will learn the importance of exercise through workouts and movement studies. 

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